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Contents:Introduction1 L'Association and the '90s Generation2 The Shifting Terrain of the Comic 'Book'3 The Postmodern Modernism of the Comic Book Avant-Garde4 From Global to Local and Back Again5 Autobiography as Authenticity6 From the Small Press…

ContentsAcknowledgmentsPrefaceIntroduction to perspectiveDepth cuesThe picture planeThe horizon and the vanishing pointCubes in space!One-point perspectiveTwo-point perspectiveThree-point perspectiveCircles in perspectiveThe human figureShortcuts to…

Steve Gerber : Changing Comics' CourseMarv Wolfman : Comig up the Hard WayHarlan Ellison : Notes on an Industry in ProgressSteve Engelhart : The Critics' ChoiceDennis O'Neil : Rationality and RelevanceGerry Conway : Keeping to the BackgroundChris…
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